Top trending gentle curly hairstyles nowadays!

Top trending gentle curly hairstyles nowadays!

1/ Long light curly hair

Long light curly hair is one of the hairstyles that gives you a very charming style and strange charm wherever you appear. With a gentle curling style, it hugs the face to hide imperfections perfectly.

This hairstyle is suitable for girls who possess a gentle personality. You can combine with fashionable bright dyed hair colors to become more youthful!

2/ Lightly curly hair

Light curly hair is one of the hairstyles suitable for all ages and different faces. This hairstyle with a medium short cut combined with a slight curl at the end makes the hair more attractive. Combine more bright dyes to enhance the skin and delicate features of the face.

3/ Korean light curly hair

Korean light curly hair is one of the hairstyles that are leading the current trend and is known as the national hairstyle. This hairstyle helps women express their own personality and helps to hide the flaws on the face perfectly. You can combine the selection of light dye tones with the right care regimen to make your hair more bouncy, shiny, and smooth.

4/ Lightly wavy hair

Curly hair is one of the most luxurious and extremely feminine hairstyles. This hairstyle possesses many advantages such as being extremely easy to care for and styling and is not picky about the face or style. This hairstyle also helps to enhance the delicate and soft features of the face effectively.

5/ Light curly hair for middle-aged people

From the age of 35 onwards, the hair has somewhat shown signs of aging, so it is easy to get dry and split ends. So choosing the right hairstyle is not an easy thing. Light curly hair for middle-aged people has a variety of styles suitable for all faces and preferences. This hairstyle helps to enhance the youthful, dynamic and noble features for any lady who owns it.


Above is a summary of the current trending light curly hairstyles. Hopefully, through this article, you will choose for yourself a light curly hairstyle that suits your preferences and personality!


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