Super cool short bob hairstyles for cool girls

Super cool short bob hairstyles for cool girls

Bob hair is the best short hair style for girls to freely express their personality this summer, let's choose for yourself one of the hairstyles below to F5 yourself!

1/ Long bangs Bob

You may not know, long bangs are extremely suitable for Bob hairstyle. The image of Hollywood stars with such hair is no longer strange in the eyes of fans. However, not only stars can try this hairstyle.

Long bangs with the length of the bangs reaching the middle of the face or more will help the girlfriend look more elegant and loving. Change the wind a bit with the ends of the hair tied back. The sisters will appear with an appearance that makes anyone who looks at them fall.

2/ Bob's haircut

The short haircut has been around for a long time and is not a new hairstyle. We are all too familiar with the image of old women or sisters with short hair. It is a beauty that we cannot deny.

Bob haircut is very popular with modern women. This bob hairstyle makes those with a slightly round face look smaller. And girls with small faces have more personality.

3/ Flat bangs Bob hair

The bob hairstyle is quite simple and suitable for many face shapes. This hairstyle also does not take too much care, you just need a large roll of bangs, for the bangs and a little oil to keep the hair beautiful. Short bob hair when combined with flat bangs will bring a very feminine beauty. Make the girls beautiful, gentle and youthful. But no less outstanding.

4/ Curly Bob's hair

Don't make the mistake of thinking that only long hair can curl. Any hairstyle can be curled, as long as you like it or not. If you do not want your hair to fall on your face, curling or curling the tail will be a reasonable method.

Don't forget to give your hair a little color to make this hairstyle less monotonous. Colors like chocolate brown, copper brown or cheap grain are the safest choices. However, it's good to be more creative with colors or highlights, isn't it?

5/ Bob's hair dyed

This is always considered a trend every hot summer. Trendy dyed bob hair shows both youthfulness, personality and dynamism with many different colors. Make sure your hair is really healthy to undergo the process of dyeing and bleaching.

Gently change and break the way a little, why not? The beautiful Bob hairstyle above will definitely not disappoint your girlfriend. Bob hairstyle will be the ideal choice for those who want to change their long hair. Hopefully with the above sharing, the girls will find the most suitable hairstyle for themselves!


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